Salmon & lemon fish cakes


Prep:30 mins  Cook:15 mins

Servings: Makes 20


● 2 large baking potatoes
● 2 tbsp olive oil
● grated zest and juice ½ lemon
● 1 egg yolk
● 140g smoked salmon trimmings, plus extra to serve
● 1 tbsp chopped parsley
● 2 tbsp gluten-free flour mixed with 1 tsp coarsely ground pepper
● a little oil


1. Microwave potatoes on high until tender. Leave to cool for 5 mins, scoop the flesh in a bowl, then mash and leave to cool. Season with olive oil, lemon zest and juice to taste, then mix in the egg, salmon and parsley. Shape into small rounds 3cm wide and 1cm deep. Chill for 15 mins.
2. Dust each cake with the peppered flour, fry over a low heat in a little oil for 2-3 mins on each side. Drain on kitchen paper and serve garnished with salmon and parsley.

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