Bread roll with smoked salmon & scrambled egg


Serves 1

Ready in 10 Minutes


● 25g smoked salmon
● 2 large eggs
● 1 tbsp whole milk
● 10g butter
● Roll
● Chopped chives
● Grilled tomatoes, to serve


1. Chop the salmon and set aside. Lightly beat the eggs with the milk until evenly blended. Season to taste.
2. Over a medium heat, melt the butter. Add the beaten egg mixture and heat for 20 seconds. Stir until the eggs are creamy and almost set.
3. Remove the pan from the heat and leave to sit for 30 seconds – the eggs will finish cooking in the residual heat.
4. Cut the roll in half and toast it. Put the eggs and salmon on the bottom half of the roll, sprinkle over the chopped chives and black pepper and top with the other half of the roll. Serve with grilled tomatoes.

Nutritional Info:

Each 226g serving contains 463KCAL

Special Diets:

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